Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Steering (rod) Strikes Back

Well, it's been a while. After successfully removing the ball hitch from the bed (courtesy of my cousin, a sledge hammer and a can of WD40) I had thought things would run smoothly. And it did. Briefly.

Two days ago whilst I was driving home from work I crested a hill and the steering rod seperated from the control arm. D'oh! Fortunately, after a brief sojourn in the rhubarb I landed in some soft mud and tall grass. It could have been *much* worse had the truck decided to go left into oncoming traffic instead of to the right. Let's hear it for crowned roads! ;) Other than a hairy moment when I thought it would roll from the landing I wasn't that scared. A tow truck driver on the way home from work stopped and called in a wrecker to get me out. Poor guy. His tow truck was barely heavy enough to lift the old girl out but a larger truck would not have fit on the road. Two hours later I was out and had the truck at Canadian Tire for repair. Of course, this is a *different* CT than the ones who "repaired" this the first time. I will also move the hydraulic ram steering upgrade from the "nice to have" list to the "necessity of life" list.

Sometimes I think this truck is out to get me.

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