Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout shaft baby...

Another brief update: The steering slop worsened after I re-assembled the coupler. The shoes were worn and the spring hadn't responded well to my re-assembly. So now the crap steering shaft will be replaced with a much better unit. As usual, removing the old shaft went swimmingly. Not. The twelve-point bolts became zero-point after a brief introduction to my breaker bar, despite using an Exxon Valdez's worth of oil. Naturally you can't use heat without wrecking the rag joint -- not that my propane torch can get hot enough to do any good. Even grinding the heads off failed to allow the rag joint to separate. After much sweat, swearing and sparks I finally lost my temper and got out the cutting wheel. Thirty seconds later the shaft was out. Next up, grinding out the old roll pins which are seized beyond recovery.

Is there life here? If there is such stirring, I would like to say...


That is all.
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