Monday, October 24, 2005



We'll, I've got the tank back in (or should that be under) the truck. I spent all Saturday last weekend installing brand new fuel lines. I started at the back of the truck and rolled towards the front looking for clean steel to place my patch-in. I was almost underneath the engine when I decided to skip the splice routine and just run new from front to back. I borrowed the necessary flare-tool from a friend at work so it wasn't as hard as it could've been. After 7 hours it was all fresh steel and rubber hose from front to back. I propped the tank into place and turned over the engine. Success! It ran without a hitch so I let it idle to clear out a months dust. As I climbed underneath to bolt the tank into place, something happened.

* Sploosh *

Fuel was still leaking! It was slow, mind you but after careful examination the source appeared to be the plastic fitting. It seeped fuel but I couldn't pinpoint it. This Saturday past (Oct. 22 if you need know) I dropped the tank and ran the truck while staring at the stupid thing to see where the problem lay. I never did find the exact spot, but I wasn't prepared to shell out the $400 bucks for a new sending unit (next year, maybe) so I said "screw it" and slathered liquid gasket all around the area I suspected was leaking. This stuff never sets and is fuel proof so I have high hopes. It's been two days so far and I haven't seen a drop so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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