Sunday, September 18, 2005



Not much going on -- just finished tearing up the backyard with the wife. Hot work and hell on my allergies too. Found some time to fix my tachometer -- the ground strap had somehow worked loose when I tore^H^H^H^H gently removed the dashboard when fixing my A/C. Oh well, no harm done. I removed the old spare tire from between the frame rails. I don't know what git of a engineer thought that was a good storage spot. The bolts were so rusty from disuse I had to introduce them to Mr. Hacksaw. Did the trick and I discovered that the tire was bald and the wheel rusty. Apparently my father-in-law never replaced the one that was there! :) Doesn't matter really, it is not the correct size any more. On the downside, there is insufficient space to hang a fuel tank there, at least one with greater capacity than what I currently have. So now I'm looking at a steel replacement in the stock location. Next up, getting the ball for the gooseneck to drop so I can actually have full use of the bed. Judging by the amount of rust on the release (which is seized) it will be a significant project. I've already begun soaking it with liquid wrench so it is only a matter of time. I bought some steel today so hopefully by next weekend I'll have welded in some patches on the drivers side chassis/fender where the rust is running away with the truck.

Well bloody hell fire... You're on a roll with all these posts lately lol.

I have good news. I can apply for a passport from the UK so long as I use my moms address as my home address and because it's only a renewal with no change of details, I don't need a countersignatory and I don't even need my pic signed if I can still be recognised from my old one.

Excellent! You'll be rockin' 'round the free world in no time, eh?
Sure will!! I can't wait. At this rate I might even get to see my family for Christmas, yayayayayayayay
All this, and you intend to drive this beast through the snow-capped Rockies? Heaven for fend, please no... I want to keep you as a friend for a long time, not chip you out of your idle vehicle somewhere on a mountain peak between Kelowna and Vancouver.

We have a Trojan Virus that won't go awayyyyyyyy!!!!
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