Friday, September 16, 2005


It ain't easy, bringin' a Dodge back to life.

I must have crossed a wire when re-installing the dashboard after replacing the broken temperature control linkage because now when I turn on my headlights, the power to my tachometer goes out, unless I dim the dash lights completely and then it turns back on! Grrr! Guess the dash will be pulled ... again.

Oh, more fun, the gas tank that I paid to have fixed is leaking fuel again. Guess I didn't need a 150 dollar seal change eh? Guess it is the @(*$)@ vent tube like I told them, eh!? So screw it, I'm yanking the plastic piece of crap off, ditto for the spare, and mounting a large steel aftermarket tank between the frame rails instead! Won't be cheap, but I'll double my cruising range and be able to repair the stained section of driveway without fear of it being leaked on again. Soon, too, as the stain is oozing towards my neighbours' side of the asphalt.

Geez, your truck is just like a film shoot. Fully subject to Murphy's Law (see my latests blog post). And you want to drive this death trap across mountain tops that are snowed in.

And people think I'M CRAZY.
Ummm Todd.... Are you really REALLY sure this Dodge is worth it??
It's the Millenium Falcon Syndrom. :)
Would that not be syndrome?

And besides, it's a piece of junk. And if you ever get to BC in that thing, you'd be braver than I thought.
Bah. I guess I should proofread before I hit the publish button. Here's a few letters to go with the missing "E."

B I T _ M _
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