Sunday, September 18, 2005



Not much going on -- just finished tearing up the backyard with the wife. Hot work and hell on my allergies too. Found some time to fix my tachometer -- the ground strap had somehow worked loose when I tore^H^H^H^H gently removed the dashboard when fixing my A/C. Oh well, no harm done. I removed the old spare tire from between the frame rails. I don't know what git of a engineer thought that was a good storage spot. The bolts were so rusty from disuse I had to introduce them to Mr. Hacksaw. Did the trick and I discovered that the tire was bald and the wheel rusty. Apparently my father-in-law never replaced the one that was there! :) Doesn't matter really, it is not the correct size any more. On the downside, there is insufficient space to hang a fuel tank there, at least one with greater capacity than what I currently have. So now I'm looking at a steel replacement in the stock location. Next up, getting the ball for the gooseneck to drop so I can actually have full use of the bed. Judging by the amount of rust on the release (which is seized) it will be a significant project. I've already begun soaking it with liquid wrench so it is only a matter of time. I bought some steel today so hopefully by next weekend I'll have welded in some patches on the drivers side chassis/fender where the rust is running away with the truck.

Friday, September 16, 2005


It ain't easy, bringin' a Dodge back to life.

I must have crossed a wire when re-installing the dashboard after replacing the broken temperature control linkage because now when I turn on my headlights, the power to my tachometer goes out, unless I dim the dash lights completely and then it turns back on! Grrr! Guess the dash will be pulled ... again.

Oh, more fun, the gas tank that I paid to have fixed is leaking fuel again. Guess I didn't need a 150 dollar seal change eh? Guess it is the @(*$)@ vent tube like I told them, eh!? So screw it, I'm yanking the plastic piece of crap off, ditto for the spare, and mounting a large steel aftermarket tank between the frame rails instead! Won't be cheap, but I'll double my cruising range and be able to repair the stained section of driveway without fear of it being leaked on again. Soon, too, as the stain is oozing towards my neighbours' side of the asphalt.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Holy Bat, sh*t man!

Well, I said I'd finish that story about the move from hell, but I can't be arsed. Most of the funny stuff has happened anyway. The rest was, drive 3 hrs, wait for a key 1 hr, move move move, eat drink, drive home and go to bed at 3.a.m. The end.


Anyway, now that is over with, a brief update on the Rusty Dodge in question:

- Repaired the broken temperature cable that snapped ($40 bucks, thanks you Chrysler !@($*&)!*! )
Now the A/C blows cold arctic air, instead of "desert heat". Just in time for winter. Grrr...

- Replaced the old fashioned 8x6 sealed beam headlights which were dark orange at the best of times with a conversion kit giving me 2 sweet H4 (european standard) halogens that roast owls at 30 yards. $80 from CT. Good deal since I am pretty sure this kind of thing is illegal. But hey, at least I can see where I'm going now! :) Sorry about your retinas, everyone else!

- Replaced the air filter.

- Did the oil change. Almost had the frickin' truck fall on me. Apparently CT's 3-Ton jack is using the US ton or
something. Extra bonus -- the oil hit the lip of the drain pan such that the curvature directed it directly into my
face. And my mouth was open. MMMmmm... dead dinosaur is a taste sensation! :(

- Replaced the brakes. Discovered the joys of a Bendix brake system where you have to HAMMER the frickin' metal wedge that holds them on, out, and back in. Yeah, that's user friendly. Good engineering there. Pinheads!

Next repair -- glove box. It suffered a slight latching problem the last time (literally) I tried closing it. Something to do with velocity, that. :)

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